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A Growing Craze

With the increasing knowledge coming from the legalization of cannabis in several states and growing research of its medicinal and therapeutic benefits in the human and animal kingdom, the topic of CBD for pets has become more popular. Provided scientific findings on the relationship between pets and their humans, cannabis research has provoked trials and products specifically for medicinal use and relief in animals.

CBD for Pets: How to Use It

CBD use on dogs has been proven to help treat pain and control seizures. Beyond those benefits, doctors have found CBD can help with inflammatory issues, cardiac and nausea control, assist with anxiety, stimulate your pet’s appetite, and potentially prevent cancer issues in pets.

How Will It Make Them Feel?

Based on how cannabis makes humans feel and the lack of research in veterinary cannabis medicine, researchers predict and have seen these side effects in using CBD for pets:

  • Drowsiness
  • Increased Thirst
  • Decreased Blood Pressure

In order to avoid and eliminate these side effects, please use the recommended dosage of CBD for your pet.

pet cbds

What to Get for Your Pet

As you learn more and explore the cannabis for pets market, be sure to consider questions like:

  • Is it organic?
  • How would this best be administered to my pet?
  • How much CBD content is in this product?

Always remember quality over quantity as you want your pet to have CBD products that aren’t compromising the purity of the oil or treats for a lower selling cost. Impure products with CBD for pets can contain harmful products like herbicides, pesticides, and/or heavy metals. Also, ensure that the CBD for your pet is additive-free.

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