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Did you know that cannabis tinctures were a pharmaceutical suggestion in the 19th century for western medicine by way of medical practices in India?

Cannabis tinctures have provided an alternate route of cannabis consumption for users who prefer a more discreet use, no use of special devices, and a more accurate dose with an elongated impact in opposition to inhalation. In order to benefit from these stated pros, it is first important to understand how to use tincture.

Tincture Use: Rule-of-Thumb

In understanding how to use tincture, it is first important to know that starting small and gradually increasing is the best way to monitor the impact and relief. Less is truly more. Furthermore, tincture dosage should not be utilized with just the “dropper-full” method. If you feel comfortable with the impact of a small dose, do not be afraid to increase by a little more, if necessary.

using tincture

Tinctures: A Breakdown

There are 3 different types of tinctures: oil-based tincture, alcohol-based tincture, and glycerine based tincture. You can take a tincture by placing it under your tongue or mixing it into your food or drinks. The latter will result in a slower rate of absorption in your body.

High CBD tinctures are helpful for stress relief, reducing anxiety, and preventing panic attacks. On the other hand, for reducing inflammation, picking up your appetite, relaxing your mind and/or psychoactive effects, use tinctures with a higher rate of THC. It is okay to experiment with varying dosages of tinctures— such as using a tincture with a small amount of CBD in order to lessen some of the more prominent THC effects in tinctures.

Tincture Ratios

1:1 CBD to THC ratio tinctures aid with insomnia, nausea, anxiety, and even fibromyalgia. It is also recommended to start with this ratio when you are unsure of where to start, because there are equal parts CBD and THC in the tincture.

1:3 CBD to THC ratio tinctures, which have a smaller amount of CBD, are effective for pain relief without experiencing a major high.

20:1 CBD to THC ratio tinctures are perfect for reducing symptoms of things like anxiety attacks and having little to no additional psychoactive effects due to the low THC content in the tincture.

Bottom Line

Tinctures have proven to be safe, easy to control, fast-acting, and have a long shelf life upon proper storage. Squeeze your tincture through your dropper, apply under your tongue or place in your food or drink, and absorb responsibly.

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