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Whether you’re using weed recreationally or medicinally, the primary goal is to feel “high.” Indeed, many of THC’s potential therapeutic effects are directly related to its psychoactive properties. In some cases, cannabis users may want strains and products that deliver fast-acting effects for ultra-potent relief. 

While high-potency strains aren’t ideal for inexperienced users, they might benefit people who already have a high THC tolerance and are struggling with specific conditions. For example, some MMJ patients use high-potency strains to combat a sudden migraine attack. It’s also common for people to use potent strains to deal with issues like insomnia and nausea. If you have a strong THC tolerance, stashing a few high-strength strains could greatly benefit you.

How To Find Potent Weed Strains In Cannabis-Friendly States

There are dozens of “top ten lists” and forum posts that claim to reveal the strongest cannabis strains. In reality, everyone has a unique reaction to weed strains. Plus, since every cultivator has different growing techniques and standards, it’s unlikely you’ll have the same experience with the same strain twice. Since smoking cannabis is a personal experience, it’s incredibly challenging to say which cultivar will hit the hardest. 

That being said, there are a few objective features that help determine a cannabis strain’s intensity. Most notably, you must check out the THC concentration in your cannabis flower. Reputable dispensaries and online stores in cannabis-friendly states should always post third-party lab results with their products. These reports show the total concentration of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Strains with the most powerful impact will have THC above 20% and virtually zero CBD scores. 

Please remember that CBD interferes with THC absorption. While CBD has unique benefits of its own, it will counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. Therefore, if you want a strain that will get you super high, it should be primarily composed of THC. 

Along with THC readings, you should consider your strain’s reputation in the cannabis industry. Check out what other cannabis users say about your strain on forums and prominent publications. Also, consider the sativa-to-indica balance in your chosen hybrid. Typically, sativas are associated with more intense effects than indicas. Most sativa-rich strains give users a “head-rush” high that verges on the psychedelic. By contrast, indicas are better known for “chill” effects that often glue people to their couch.

To help you on your quest for high-potency weed strains, here are just a few classic names that have a high reputation in the industry:

  • LSD
  • Green Crack 
  • Bruce Banner
  • GSC
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Gorilla Glue #4 

Are You Truly Ready For High-THC Weed? A Few Considerations

The allure of strong strains is undeniable, but please remember that everyone reacts to THC differently. In most cases, high-THC strains are too much for new users to handle. People who aren’t used to THC will likely have adverse reactions like paranoia if they take too much THC too fast. If you don’t know how THC affects your system, it’s best to stick with strains that have a low THC concentration and gradually work up to intense hybrids. A slow and steady approach to THC dosing is the safest way to experiment with cannabis strains.


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