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Valentine’s Day

A heart-shaped box filled with infused chocolate truffles and frosty nugs is the obvious choice to give your herb-loving sweetie for Valentine’s Day. But, if you want to gift something a little more originality, you might try a cannabis aphrodisiac. These items also make excellent gifts for anniversaries.

Father’s Day

It can be challenging to find the right gift for Father’s Day. He probably has enough socks and cologne, and does anybody even wear a tie these days? But if your dad happens to be a stoner, finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day is a snap. You can make Dad feel extra special with a gold cannabis grinder or a cannabis humidor.

Mother’s Day

For modern mothers who often juggle careers with household chores, life can get stressful. Why not send Mom a monthly cannabis subscription box or a CBD package to help her relax?

Does your stoner mom like to cook edibles? If so, buy her a cannabis cookbook or a bamboo cutting board with a cannabis leaf inlay.

High Stoner Holidays 


Picture this: It’s 4/20, and you load up your dry herb vape to head to the park for the day. But as four o’clock approaches, you realize your vape battery is dead. No problem. You take out your portable vape charger and celebrate the stoner high holiday like a boss.

July 10: International Dab Day

Silicone travel containers make some of the best gifts for dab-lovers. You can find high-quality and colorful silicone containers on our accessories menu.

Winter Holidays

Inexpensive rolling trays, grinders, and decorative lighters make ideal choices for holiday gift exchanges with cost limits. Another excellent December holiday gift is a subscription to a cannabis-oriented magazine like High Times or Skunk. It’s a gift your favorite herb lover can enjoy all year long.

Stoner Gifts for Life’s Big Occasions


Are you looking for the perfect birthday present for your favorite stoner friend? Cannabis books and board games make ideal gifts for nearly any herb lover. 

Books range from classic growing manuals by Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes to picturesque coffee table books like Green and Edibles. Some of the most popular cannabis-themed board games include Stoner Fluxx, Pot Farm, and Lords of Cannabis.


Collector’s item bongs make perfect wedding gifts for stoner couples. Mothership Glass and Black Leaf make beautiful decorative bongs that often come in specialized cases and include tools. 

Event planners can also offer pre-rolls and CBD-infused gummies as party favors for bachelor/bachelorette parties or wedding receptions. 

Baby Showers and Births

If your friends and family are 420-friendly, stoner gifts can be perfect for baby showers and celebrating births. Most expectant mothers will appreciate premium quality CBD skin care products. 

Blunts are ideal for sharing with stoner friends once the baby is born. You can buy blunt wraps and roll your own.

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