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Benefits THC May Have For Seniors

Twenty-something tokers aren’t the only people pushing for access to medicinal marijuana strains. Interestingly, recent research shows senior citizens are now one of the “highest” demographics in the USA. Statistical research from UC San Diego suggests about 15 percent of people over 60 have already used cannabis as an alternative medicine.

So, there’s no question that many senior citizens are open to trying legal weed in their daily routine. However, there are still questions about the risks & benefits THC offers older patients. Seniors must consider the pros & cons of using medical marijuana with a trained doctor before lighting their first flowers.

thc for seniors

What Are The Top Benefits THC Could Have For Seniors?

According to the UC San Diego report, most seniors who use medical marijuana want relief from common ailments like arthritis, sleep disturbance, or psychological stress. A few preliminary trials suggest THC may have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which would help explain its benefits for symptoms like arthritis and neuropathic pain. Some research also suggests THC’s stress-reducing properties may help people fall asleep faster.

Besides these benefits, THC shows excellent potential as a natural appetite stimulant. Scientists now know that THC can increase the production of a hunger-inducing hormone called ghrelin. This “munchies” effect could be particularly beneficial for seniors who struggle with weight loss or nausea-related conditions.

It’s also worth mentioning that certain THC strains have a reputation for increasing talkativeness. Unfortunately, there are a lot of senior citizens who struggle with social isolation, loneliness, and anxiety. Potentially, THC might help bring adults together in a stress-free social setting, thus decreasing the feelings of alienation.

Seniors Should Always Discuss Their Options With An MMJ Doctor

Thus far, we’ve only mentioned the potential benefits THC may have for senior citizens. Although some trials suggest most seniors have a positive experience using medical cannabis, there are risks inherent in any drug. Since THC has psychoactive effects, it can have a negative impact if mishandled, even if seniors have no preexisting conditions.

Most significantly, there’s preliminary research that THC can temporarily increase blood pressure, which is not good for patients with hypertension or a heart condition. There are also concerns that THC’s psychoactive effects could trigger panic attacks, especially in seniors who are extra sensitive to this cannabinoid.

Adults must speak with a doctor who has experience prescribing medical marijuana before visiting a registered dispensary. A professional MMJ doctor should know how to properly dose cannabis strains to achieve a patient’s desired results. Physicians will also inform patients whether marijuana fits into their therapeutic schedule considering their prescription medications.

Lastly, seniors should remember that THC isn’t their only therapeutic option. Indeed, many new trials show that the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD has many potential benefits for adults. From arthritis to anxiety, CBD oil appears to provide symptom relief without the “high” associated with delta-9 THC. If adult patients are apprehensive about THC’s potential side effects, they should inquire whether CBD is a better choice for them.

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