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You may have tried your first dispensary edible, and may not have got the effect you were expecting as soon as you expected it. There are several factors to that, and as you read you will gain further insight on how to enjoy an edible high.

If you have experienced the full-body high, we come to further provide information on why and how to monitor and regulate the high experience from a dispensary edible.

Ingestion vs. Inhalation

Consuming dispensary edibles has become a popular method for cannabis consumption among patients and recreational users.

Edibles are infused with cannabis extract and are sold in a dispensary and/or made from purchasing the extracts or butters from a local dispensary or delivery service. Common dispensary edibles include candy, chocolate, gummy treats, lozenges and baked goods. By consuming cannabis in this form, patients and recreational consumers experience a delayed high effect as opposed to when they inhale cannabis smoke. Studies have shown that ingesting dispensary edibles provide a longer-lasting effect than the fleeting effects of inhalation.

chocolate edibles

Dispensary Edible Overconsumption

There are possible connections to the use of edibles and overconsumption of cannabis. While inhaling cannabis directly travels to the brain causing psychological impact, consuming dispensary edibles results in the absorption of THC in one’s bloodstream; thus creating a longer-lasting effect and psychological reaction. Because many users may not feel the effects of their dispensary edible right away, they tend to consume more for hopes of immediate effects. This is not the case when bodies need to digest the THC, unlike how smoking exposes the active impact of cannabis use shortly after inhalation. Not following proper dosage for a dispensary edible can result in overconsumption that may cause side effects such as extreme sedation, delusions, hallucinations, and possible anxiety throughout the duration of the high.

Dosage of Dispensary Edibles

Several factors go into the proper dosage for each individual’s enjoyable high with a dispensary edible. Things such as one’s gender, metabolism, weight, and nutritional diet directly impact how quickly and long one can experience their high. It is highly recommended to start with a small dosage such as 10mg and waiting about 30-90 minutes prior to consuming more.
Please keep in mind the aforementioned factors to thoroughly enjoy your high.

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