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Are you looking to add kick to your cannabis experience? Then you may want to try adding a little hashish to your cannabis. A popular hashish making a comeback is bubble hash. Hashish was first made popular in the Middle East but is becoming more popular in the USA with many states legalizing cannabis.

What Is Bubble Hash?‌

Bubble hash also known as ice or water hash is a type of concentrated hashish. Bubble hash is made by separating the trichomes (THC-containing, hairlike growths covering the bud of the cannabis plant) from the bud using only water or ice. Trichomes are not water-soluble and therefore the potency is preserved when using this method of extraction. It gets its name from the bubbles that form when it’s heated and the bags used to make it. Bubble Hash is about 60% pure potency and packs a punch to your cannabis experience. You can smoke it in pure form using a pipe or add a small amount to your bud. One of the easiest, and most discreet, ways to enjoy bubble hash is to add it to an edible. You can easily mix bubble hash in anything or just sprinkle it over your food. Keep in mind it’s very potent so a little will go a long way.

Bubble Hash vs BHO‌

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a type of hashish that uses butane to extract the trichomes. The potency from BHO products can range from 50-90% pure, meaning it can be more potent than bubble hash. However, butane is a highly flammable and toxic chemical. Many prefer bubble hash because it is made with water and not exposed to any toxic chemicals. If you’ve never tried hash, you might want to start with the less potent bubble hash before exploring the more potent BHO. With BHO it’s easier to accidentally use too much and end up with an overwhelming high. Always take extra precautions when experimenting with more potent types of cannabis and keep a bottle of CBD tincture on hand. CBD counteracts the effects of THC which can help balance out an overwhelming high.

potent hash

DIY or Buy

If hash is a new concept to you, then head down to your favorite dispensary and talk to your budtender for recommendations. If you’re a hash connoisseur with time on your hands, you could try making your own bubble hash. A simple online search will lead you to several DIY guides for making bubble hash and you only need a few supplies. First time bubble hash makers might want to avoid using your favorite bud in case your DIY project doesn’t go as planned. Instead of using your favorite bud, consider picking up some cheaper bud for your bubble hash experiment.

Wrap Up

Bubble hash is a great way to add potency to your cannabis experience. A little can go a long way but since it’s not as potent as some BHO hash, there’s less risk of achieving an overwhelming high. Finally, make sure you’re in a safe place anytime you want to try something more potent.

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