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Insomnia is something most people face on occasion. However, for some people, sleepless nights aren’t just an occasional inconvenience; they’re a constant, uncomfortable fact of life. When you’re unable to doze off, sleep aids may start to seem like a good option. 

There are a wide variety of treatments for insomnia or poor sleep, ranging from a warm glass of milk to prescription medications. The problem is that folk remedies are often nothing more than placebos, while prescription medications can be addictive and alter your sleep schedule even further. Walking the line between actually useful sleep aids without risking negative side effects can be tricky. That’s where an Indica tincture for deep sleep can help. 

What Is an Indica Tincture?

A cannabis tincture is a special method of consuming cannabis in a concentrated form without smoking it. Tinctures are essentially cannabis-infused alcohol that is measured in drops. The cannabis is processed to activate the cannabinoids it contains, and then the alcohol is used as a solvent to extract them from the plant. The end result can be added to a drink or consumed on its own.

Indica tinctures specifically use Indica strains, so they contain concentrated Indica terpenes and cannabinoids. These strains are known for being great for relaxation and sleep. A specifically Indica-based tincture has a number of medical applications, insomnia relief included. 

How Indica Tinctures Help You Sleep Better

Certain types of cannabis have been known to help you sleep for centuries. Many people put this down to the relaxing effect of cannabis, but there’s more to the science than that. 

Chronic insomnia can have many causes, but there are a few common reasons for most cases:

  • Stress from work or life
  • Chronic pain from medical conditions
  • Overstimulation before bed

These three problems all have a negative effect on your body’s ability to relax and regulate your sleep cycle. They can also be difficult to resolve without outside help. However, Indica tinctures can be the perfect solution. 

Indica cannabis has been shown to help reduce the amount of stress you experience. Moderate doses, such as a drop or two of a cannabis tincture, have been proven to reduce reported stress in interpersonal interactions. For people whose jobs or social lives are making it difficult to sleep, an Indica tincture can help them unwind. This can also help people who find that they’re simply too overstimulated at the end of the day to stop thinking and sleep. 

Similarly, Indica cannabis can also provide some relief from certain types of chronic pain. The muscle-relaxing effects of an Indica tincture can help people suffering from headaches, neuropathy, and joint pain. For people who sleep poorly because of their pain, this effect can relieve two problems at once. 

Insomnia is no laughing matter. Getting enough sleep affects your day and your health. Using an Indica tincture before you go to sleep can help you improve your sleep schedule and reduce the pain and stress that’s keeping you awake. You deserve a full night of sleep; cannabis can help you beat insomnia for good without serious negative side effects.

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