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The world of cannabis concentrates is complex and can seem overwhelming. Therefore, we’ll look at concentrate oil, how it’s made, and some of the benefits of using it. 

What are concentrates? 

To understand concentrate oils, first, we need to talk about what cannabis concentrates are. When the most effective compounds are extracted from the cannabis plant, it creates a more potent, distilled type of product. Therefore, concentrate has a greater proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes than natural flower. 

Concentrate can be formed into various substances by using slightly different methods of extraction and processing. Some of the words used for concentrate are shatter, wax, crumble, budder, and oil. This terminology simply gives us an idea of the look and feel of the specific product. 

Why do people choose concentrates? 

  • Purity of ingredients – if extracted correctly, concentrates are an unadulterated version of the cannabinoids you wanted when you bought that cannabis product. 
  • High potency – whilst cannabis flower is unlikely to top 20% of THC content, some concentrates can contain 50 to 90% of THC. 
  • Instant relief – medicinal users of cannabis are often looking for fast relief from their discomfort or pain, and concentrates are a popular way to achieve this. 

What are some types of concentrate oil? 

CBD oil

These oils are usually heavy in CBD rather than THC. This means users can benefit from the remedial properties of cannabis without getting high. 

CBD oil sometimes gets confused with hemp oil. But the cannabis used for CBD oil has usually been selectively bred to contain higher levels of CBD (and other cannabinoids) than hemp naturally contains. Consequently, it’s often more therapeutically effective. 

CBD oil can present as many different products, including tinctures, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) liquid, topicals, and more. 

THC oil

Many vaporizer and dab rig users turn to THC oil as their concentrate of choice when heating cannabis to inhale. 

Alternatively, a pre-filled vape pen containing a THC oil cartridge can be the perfect introduction for the uninitiated cannabis beginner. Disposable, pre-filled oil cartridges come in different flavors, strains, and potencies. Moreover, there’s a choice for every person and every mood. 

You can add drops of concentrate oil to the cannabis flower that’s sitting in your bong for a more intense hit, or sprinkle it along the length of a joint. 

Whereas wax and shatter are extracted using butane, THC oil is usually accumulated by using carbon dioxide. This is a process where CO2 is heated, pressurized, and used to separate psychoactive cannabinoids from the original plant matter. 

Oil capsules

Ingestible capsules are arguably the easiest way to control precise dosing with concentrate oil. As they’re in predetermined doses – you simply have to swallow a capsule. 

Oil capsules can feature a mixture of CBD, THC, and other beneficial cannabinoids. As they need to pass from the digestive system through into the circulatory system, much like an edible, they can take longer to have an effect than you’d expect. 

Not all concentrate oils are created equal

If you’re considering buying concentrate oil, you should be aware that the quality of them can greatly vary. Likewise, If you’d like to learn more, check out Leafly’s guide on how to shop for and buy high-quality cannabis oil. 

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