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Just as certain accessories can make or break an outfit, certain cannabis accessories can make or break your overall experience. The thing is, there are countless accessories on the market today. How do you know what to choose? Here are some of the best weed accessories to have on hand that can help take your experience from good to great. 

1. An Electric Grinder

If you roll your own joints, a grinder is an invaluable accessory. There are many different types on the market. Sure, you can opt for a basic handheld one, but how does one that grinds your buds to precisely the right consistency sound? An electric grinder like the Banana Bros. smart electric grinder does just that and more. After grinding your buds, it funnels them into a hand-rolled cone, all with the push of a button. 


2. A Smell-Proof Bag

Transporting cannabis can be a bit of a challenge. Even if you haven’t smoked yet, those around you may still be able to smell the scent of your buds through your bag. Rather than leave your stash at home to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation, you can transport your favorite strain and accessories stealthily with a smell-proof bag. If you’re not looking for a new backpack or purse, you can invest in a small bag to toss into your current one that will keep everything you need for your smoke sesh in one convenient location. 

3. A Multi-Tool

You’ve probably heard how useful a swiss army knife is. Maybe you already own one. What if we told you there was something similar for cannabis enthusiasts that can make your life a whole lot easier? The Nuggy is just that, a cannabis multi-tool that holds such items as an LED light, scissors, pick, clip, tamper, mini-spoon, and more. You can easily throw it into your bag or pocket, and it can make your smoke sessions so much better.

4. Joint Filters

One thing that can ruin a perfectly good smoke sesh is inhaling a bunch of plant bits or ash. The next thing you know, you’re left with a mouthful of grossness that ruins the flavor of your perfectly ground buds. A filter is an integral component of your joint. You could use a piece of folded cardboard, but that’s not always the best method. Instead, consider using actual filters like the Greengo biodegradable ECO filters. They’re affordable and make smoking a joint much more enjoyable.  

5. A Cone Packer

Before you twist off the end of your joint, you need to tamp down the ground buds. That last bit of packing helps to ensure good airflow for an optima smoke. Instead of using a shoelace or the end of a pen (neither of which sounds very pleasant), look into a cone packer. It’s cleaner, and many of the ones on the market look pretty great, too.

Best Weed Accessories For Next Level Sessions

Having the best weed accessories can make all the difference. They can make it easier for you to focus more on your sesh, taking your experiences from good to unforgettable. If you don’t already have some of these items in your arsenal, it’s time to start considering them.

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