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People living with conditions like PTSD and anxiety have long looked for an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical offerings that the world of psychiatry leans on. Many are turning to cannabis, looking for a natural, non-addictive aid in treating their conditions and are wondering what are the best strains for PTSD and anxiety?

How Cannabis Affects PTSD and Anxiety

So how exactly does cannabis reduce the symptoms of conditions like PTSD and anxiety? In the brain, there are receptors that respond specifically to cannabinoids, the compounds that make up cannabis. You may have heard of THC or CBD — these are two examples of cannabinoids. These receptors are part of a system that modulates feelings and are influenced by the consumption of various cannabinoids.

Early research results indicate cannabis strains bred to contain more CBD and less THC are best for relief in PTSD and anxiety. In fact, research says when you shop for high-THC strains, you may make symptoms of anxiety worse. Keep this in mind when choosing a strain profile.


The Best Strains for PTSD and Anxiety

While researchers work to tease out the possible reasons for some types of cannabis working better for mental health than others, there is great anecdotal testimony on some strains. This includes:

  • White Widow: When you’re looking for relief from anxious thoughts, White Widow cannabis can promote relaxation. Need a fast-acting solution? White Widow has got you covered. Sensitive users should be mindful of a slightly higher THC concentration.
  • Harlequin: Benefit from the CBD concentration in Harlequin to manage your anxiety, depression, and pain. Harlequin has lower THC blended with higher CBD for less of a chance of getting high. Focus and concentration often follow the use of Harlequin.
  • CBD Dancehall: When you need your CBD out to outweigh THC significantly, opt for Dancehall. Considered a 1:1 ratio strain, Dancehall provides relief from mental health conditions like anxiety as well as pain relief. Accompanied by a light, peaceful high, Dancehall leaves you feeling good.
  • Cannatonic: Users with PTSD or anxiety who are desperate for relaxation can find it with Cannatonic. This CBD-dominant strain is ideal for those looking for both mental and physical relaxation. Sit back and let your muscles unknot when you opt for the Cannatonic strain.
  • Remedy: How does that Jason Mraz song go? “The remedy is the experience.” You’ll find that to be true in the Remedy CBD-dominant strain, descending from a cross with Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic. Experience the positive physical effects without a serious high. Your mind will quiet as tension leaves your body, ideal for those experiencing symptoms of PTSD and anxiety.

Getting Relief

Widespread legalization of cannabis means that more people are able to access relief with medical cards or legal, recreational purchases. Those suffering from PTSD and anxiety simply have another tool in their toolbox to combat these frustrating conditions.

Part of responsible self-care is knowing which are the best strains for PTSD and anxiety so as to treat them appropriately. Working with a doctor or getting advice from your local dispensary can help you make a choice that benefits you, body and mind.

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