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Vet CBD – Premium Cannabis Tincture pets -20:1 CBD:THC 2oz

THC: 250mg

VETCBD was developed to provide pets with the medical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. Made only with products from responsibly grown, locally sourced, full spectrum cannabis and contains all of the therapeutic cannabinoids the plant has to offer. VETCBD main active ingredient is CBD which has several beneficial properties for your pets health and well being. VETCBD supports pain relief, promotes a decrease in damaging inflammation, decreases nausea, assist in decreasing nausea, and has neurological benefits.


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Upnorth Humboldt
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by Aldavis1
I love Bayqueen. They deliver to me and I live a little bit out the way. When I called and placed my order, Nicole was so nice on the phone. I was new to ordering cannabis; but she made the process easy.
by TousledbyTeddi
BayQueen not only delivered a personable experience that was fast and efficient but also added a personal thank you note with impeccable packaging of the finest medicinal products! Thank you bayqueen for such quality and care!
by jacewong
Send you a text and tracking info of your order, are very friendly + professional too.
by BongSol0
Great customer service and reliable delivery. Estimated delivery time was on point, and they even spent a little extra effort making the package nice by adding a personal touch. Will use them again. Very professional.

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