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Donkey Butter Sun Kissed Flower – Mendo Dope

THC: 31mg

HIGH POTENCY FLOWER – THC: 31%. Donkey Butter is an indica-dominant cross between LA OG x Triple OG grown by Mendo Dope. This flower has bright, solid buds with a silver, crystal coating, a super funkadelic, machine shop gas rag aroma, and a quick start, heavy, sedative high.
This team of farmers, including Mendo Dope, have been growing and breeding cannabis for over 25 years throughout Southern and Northern California. They specialize in boutique award-winning, in-house strains with high terpenes. Their flowers and product reflect the unique terroir of the California regions they are cultivated in. Organic and natural, Greenshock Farms has a strong love for nature and wildlife and provides only the best sun grown cannabis.
2019 2nd Place.
2018 6th & 10th Place.
2017 SC Labs Award.
2016 2nd Place.
2015 3rd Place.


SKU: I2AEPRO1 Category:
Golden State Recycling Collectie
Brand Name
Mendo Dope
1084.00 %

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