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There’s no doubt that CBD has become one of the most popular ways to reduce anxiety and stress. However, there are so many ways to take CBD that it can be hard to choose between them. Here’s the breakdown of two of the most common ways to take CBD and which might be right for you.

What Is a CBD Edible?

One of the most popular forms of CBD is the edible. As you might assume from the name, these are small edible treats that contain CBD and may have trace amounts of THC. Edibles can include everything from cookies and brownies to gummy bears and chocolate. The only real requirement for a CBD edible is that the CBD itself was heated during the process to activate the molecule.

Many people like edibles because they are tasty and completely smoke-free. They are also subtle; unlike taking other types of CBD, eating a cookie or piece of candy doesn’t broadcast that you’re taking a supplement.

The one potential problem with a CBD edible is that it takes a while to kick in fully. Your digestive system needs to break down the food to access the CBD, and the compound will be absorbed more slowly. However, that also means that edibles tend to last longer than any other form of CBD.

What Is a Sublingual CBD Tincture?

Another increasingly common type of CBD is the sublingual tincture. These tinctures are oils containing purified CBD and if you get it from BayQueen, it will also contain THC. It’s a fact that CBD works better with THC and there are a variety of formulas that feature different CBD to THC ratios for precise relief. To use them, you take the dropper and place a few drops of the tincture under your tongue. Generally, the tincture is held under the tongue for several minutes while the mouth’s blood vessels and mucus membranes have time to absorb the Cannabinoids. Then it’s swallowed so that the digestive system can absorb the rest.

cbd oil tincture

Because they are absorbed into the bloodstream in the mouth, sublingual tinctures take effect quite quickly. That makes them an excellent choice for quick stress relief. However, they can have a strong taste, and they may not last as long as CBD edibles.

CBD Edibles vs. Sublingual Tinctures: Which Is Right for You?

If you’re deciding between CBD edibles and sublingual tinctures, you can make your decision based on a couple of factors.

  • How quickly do you want your CBD to kick in? If you’re looking for immediate effects, sublingual tinctures are a good choice. If you’re okay waiting an hour or so, edibles may work better.
  • Do you mind intense flavors? Depending on the type of sublingual tincture you take, it may taste strongly of cannabis. If you prefer something a little milder, edibles just taste like food.
  • Do you mind if other people see you taking a supplement? If you’re going to take your CBD in an office or public setting, edibles are a subtler method. However, if you don’t mind other people seeing your supplements, tinctures are more efficient.

Both CBD edibles and sublingual tinctures are excellent methods of adding CBD to your day. You may even use both, depending on where you are and what you need. There’s no single right choice; choose the CBD solution that fits your life.

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